Our Roustabout Services provide many levels of service. From the big job to the small job, our work is completed in a timely manner.

New Well Hook-Up
  • Four inch casing hook-up, Setting wellheads up for tubing or pumping units

Reconditioning and Old Well Hook-Up
  • A number of the wells that we operate are older; therefore valves, nipples, and unions are always in need of replacement.

Pipeline Leak Repair
  •                                  Whether it is a newer or older line, we can insert pipe or lay new line.  Typically, we insert 1 ¼” pipe in our lines and our certified employees will thermally fuse the connections.
  •   Our employees will work with a client’s suggestions as to how to better complete a well hook-up.  Should you want something done in your style, just let them know.
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