As a reminder, we are not a public utility, therefore the following the the 2015 Gas Policy and Safety Warning:

Your decision to take gas under the provisions of the Lease or Interruptible Gas Purchase Agreement should entail a careful consideration of the situations and hazards involved in connecting this raw gas to your home.  Petroleum Service Partners, Inc or its affiliates will have no control over these situations and cannot be held responsible for any hardship which this might cause you.  For instance:

1. Under certain weather conditions, your gas line from your house to the gas well and/or the regulators can freeze and thereby cut off your supply of gas until they thaw.  
2. Natural gas from a well carries debris in the way of frac sand, formation sand, rust scale, and other foreign agents.  All of these can collect in any restricted area such as inside your regulator, meter, or appliance jet.  
3. From time to time, the well may experience production problems necessitating in the shutting down of the well for an unknown period of time for Workover Operations with little or no notice to you. 
4. If gas service is interrupted, possible fire and explosion hazards are created when service is restored unless you have installed proper safety controls, such as the automatic shut-off service regulator.
a. It is recommended that the regulators be installed by a certified plumber.
b. It is highly recommended that your service regulator be the “cut-off pressure” type.  This style of cut-off pressure regulator automatically closes if it senses a drop in line pressure therefore eliminating the possibility of gas entering your structure when the pressure is re-established without you physically pulling the plunger and re-lighting your pilots.  
5. It is your responsibility as a Leasehold gas user to protect your family and dwelling from any chance for explosion.

In addition to possible gas service interruptions, there are serious safety concerns that should be considered. 

As you know, undetected natural gas can result in serious injury to persons and damage to property.  Leakage of gas is sometimes difficult to detect. Raw Natural Gas does not smell like gasoline you put into your vehicle, but could have the smell of rotten eggs.  If you smell gas in your home, or if you suspect there is a problem, follow these simple steps:

* Do not turn on any of the lights or use the telephone
* Ensure everyone leaves the home and/or building immediately
* Use a telephone at least 100’ from the building to call 911 and Petroleum Service Partners, Inc. at 724-349-1536
We also remind you that the gas you may elect to take under the Lease or Interruptible Gas Purchase Agreement is raw gas that is not processed to remove potentially dangerous liquids which can cause unstable conditions in your use of gas, along with danger of serious fire, explosion, and suffocation, injury to persons, and damage to property.  Petroleum Service Partners, Inc. will require you to provide for removal of the liquids for your safety and protection.

Petroleum Service Partners, Inc. strongly urges that you have your line checked for leaks annually.  We have found that other users had leaks in their line that has caused higher usage.  Be advised that you are not permitted to have any leach beds, septic systems, structures, or roads within 10’ from the center of the pipeline right-of-way. If we find that any of the pipeline right-of-way has been encroached you will be required to relocate them at your own expense.

Please be advised that all the risk and liability associated with using natural gas is that of the user and not Petroleum Service Partners, Inc. or any other of its affiliates.  The company can assume absolutely no responsibility.  

It is imperative that you be aware of the risks to you and your family’s safety and well-being which you are hereby incurring and assuming.  If you elect to accept gas pursuant to the terms and conditions of this letter as set forth herein, we strongly recommend that you maintain an alternative heat and energy source for use in event of the situations discussed above.

Petroleum Service Partners, Inc. does not have the facilities or the personnel to service or attend to consumer natural gas deliveries. We are not a utility and do no act as such.  Any assistance our personnel may give you will be billed to you at a rate of $75.00 per hour per man plus $1.00 per mile.  

Please note, any overuse of lease allowed free gas for a given year will result in an overuse fee. 

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